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Tom Keefer and Celtic Cross

What do you get with Tom Keefer and Celtic Cross ? It's where Irish and Scottish, Protestant and Catholic, traditional and modern come together for a memorable experience you'll not soon forget. Presenting.....Tom Keefer and Celtic Cross.  Check them out on Spotify

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David Kane's Them Jazzbeards


Check them out on Spotify

"...sawed on them violins for all they were worth
-- but please, someone, I thought, get me an ice pack."
- Mary Kunz/Buffalo News Contributing Reviewer, published July 5, 1994
Orkestar Sokoli

From Lackawanna, NY this authentic Serbian Tambura band has been together for more than 30 years. The band travels the country performing traditional Serbian music for concerts, dances, festivals, and wedding, showcasing its energetic and lively style and vocal harmonies. Band members include Michael Miskuly on violin, Jimmy Raditic on bugarija, Bozhi Ranic on cello brac, and Mark Vranjes on bass.

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David Kane - piano

Cathy Carfagna  - guitar, vocals, piano

Michael Miskuly - violin, guitar, vocals

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